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Examples of work carried out with our machinery

Laser cutting on metals

Laser technology is used for shaping and cutting metal materials. Cidiemme is equipped with a fiber laser cutting system with a cutting power of 2 kW.

It is possible to cut : 

  • stainless steel

  • stainless

  • copper

  • brass


Cidiemme Cut manufactures mechanical parts in  multiple materials  :

  • nylon

  • teflon

  • polyethylene

  • neoprene

  • polypropylene

  • ecological and recycled plastics

  • aluminum alloys

3D printing

Cidiemme Cut performs 3D printing service.

Details made  with printers  :

  • Fuse1 by Formlab®  technology  SLS  (Nylon12 material)

  • Makerbot Replicator + ®  (PLA material)

Cutting on composite materials

Cutting on composite materials  :

  • carbon fiber

  • bakelite

  • fiberglass

  • aluminum  (albond® - dibond® - etc ..)

Co2 cutting and laser marking

Laser cutting, engraving and marking on:

  • wood and plywood

  • methacrylate

  • double layer acrylic

  • acrylic laminates

  • stainless steel

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