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CAD / CAM and 3D Modeling

Cidiemme Cut specializes in the creation of drawings in  digital, using professional software. 3D modeling, engineering, prototyping on own account and on behalf of third parties.

The technical office is always ready to make concrete ideas and solutions.


Cidiemme Cut offers  drawing services using Cad software and three-dimensional modeling. We use the most sophisticated parametric software for 3D design, compatible with Cad / Cam standards for the preparation of the work of numerical control machines.

Always up-to-date software allows  to Cidiemme Cut to meet the outsourcing needs of companies and technical offices of multinationals in the area.

2D Cad software

  • Autodesk Autocad®  LT 2019 

  • Logotag® cut

  • TypeEdit® V11

  • CorelDRAW®

3D Cad software

  • Solidworks®  2016

  • SolidEdge®

  • Creo® PTC  5

Cam software

  • Magic Tool Cutting ®

  • Esprit®

  • JobControl Trotec®

  • Preform® Formlabs


Thanks to the skills gained with many years of experience in the technical field, Cidiemme Cut offers design and innovation services  advanced for production.

It also takes care of providing  consultancy for product and process engineering with a focus on the technical aspects related to the production of the semi-finished or finished product.


In addition to design and ideation services, Cidiemme cut puts  available their own  knowledge e  equipment for the realization of study prototypes in different materials.

Cidiemme Cut  provides  individual pieces on design of semi-finished products, components and finished products, making use of the collaboration of a network of local artisans specialized in other processes and materials.

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