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Cidiemme cut was founded in 2004 after numerous professional experiences of the two partners, Mario and Daniele Mosca, and became a well-established reality of consultancy and mechanical processing (specifically on plate), renowned in the Trentino area and in the nearby regions.
Established in the BIC of Borgo Valsugana from 2004 until 2016 Cidiemme cut has grown in professionalism, the processes have evolved by adding milling, cutting, plastic material processing, laser cutting-marking and 3D printing services.

Particular attention and dedication is reserved, by partners and collaborators, to the supply of parametric and solid drawings and modeling.
The collaboration network with other companies, the continuous search for solutions and new products, the constant updating of the staff and the five design software allow cooperation with various technical offices of important Italian and multinational companies in the area.

The presence of senior designer Claudio Mosca (as external partner), with more than forty years of experience, has allowed, over the years, the design and construction of automation systems in the field of industrial handling (with Cidiemme patent IT2002TN00012 20020726) from food industry, up to the dome of the astronomical observatory in Celado (TN), from access control to stone processing plants, from paper converting to agriculture.

From the year 2018  Cidiemme cut provides  automation solutions and details for the emerging drone market.
In a short time
  , through a constant  collaboration with some companies in the sector, Cidiemme cut has helped to develop products  appreciated by many companies and government agencies around the world.





Cidiemme Cut aims to become a reference point for companies from Trentino and beyond, for special processing on any material. To achieve this goal, it offers cutting for third parties with water jet technology on any type of material, construction, mechanical assembly and assembly, metal carpentry work, trade of finished metal carpentry products and other materials. The cutting center consists of the following machines:


In recent years CIDIEMME CUT and Claudio Mosca have filed numerous patents for machinery, components and industrial production systems.

Among others were deposited:
DE69616253T / DE69708172T / PT795376T / ES2166040T / ES2164208T / DK795376T / DK781626T / DE69708172D / DE69616253D / AT208678T / AT207398T / DE69607574T / ES2145195197 / IT12607198197 / IT2145195198 / DE69607574T / DE696195197 / IT  / IT1277742 / IT1277080 / ITMI952778 / ITMI952621 / IT1246464 / DE59106858D / DE59103537D / DE59101786D / DE58908771D / US5901938 Structure of support of a focusing head of a laser beam of a machine / US5837965 Focusing head of a laser beam provided with a focusing lens machine for working metal and non-metal parts / US5791864 Table-changing device for a machine for working parts / EP0795376 A structure of support of a focusing head of a laser beam of a machine for working metal or non-metal parts / EP0781626  A table-changing device for a machine for working parts / EP0779125 A focusing head of a laser beam provided with a focusing lens for a machine for working metal and non-metal parts / IT1251315 Fodder ensilage machine / EP0481462 Machine tool with head for forming a laser beam for machining and severing tubes / EP0477715 Device for guiding, clamping or discharging of a bar-shaped workpiece or a tube for a machine tool / EP0477714 Stopper means for feedable workpieces of a machine tool / EP0393242 Device for automatically positioning a laser cutting nozzle of a pipe separating machine / EP0363955 Device for clamping and rotating tubular work pieces in a machine tool / EP0363954 Loading and feeding station for tubular work pieces for a cutting machine / DE3616412 Method of sawing metal bars as well as a sawing machine of high productivity / PT781626T

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